Hey! I’m Alexis.

Your strategic partner.

I’m here to help you grow your business through Operational Strategy, Team and Project Management, and Hiring Services.

Dear Visionary,

Are you stuck trying to grow your business?

If you are constantly distracted by new ideas, bogged down in the day-to-day operations, or struggling to prioritize projects and manage your team, I want to help.

Together we can gain clarity in your vision, identify the next best steps for strategic growth, and make a plan for getting things done.

How I can support your growth:

Operational Support

Part time support, big time impact. As your fractional Director of Operations (aka Ops Bestie), I step in as a strategic partner managing your team, projects, and more.

Hiring Services

Let me source quality candidates that grow into long-term team members. Between my experience and already-established systems, I streamline the entire hiring process.

Strategic Planning

Have big plans but not sure how to prioritize them? Instead of bouncing between endless ideas, let’s develop a personalized roadmap to business clarity and strategic growth.

alexis grubb hiring

let's make it official

I work with quickstart CEOs
who are:

  • Looking for a strategic partner to manage their vision.
  • Willing to address their blind spots and grow.
  • Ready to take action and Get. Things. Done.