Fractional Operations Support

Part time support. Big time impact.

As your fractional Director of Operations (aka Ops Bestie), I step in as a strategic partner managing your team, projects, systems, and more.

Flex your visionary muscles while I handle the back end of your business.

Ways that I can support you

Product Development

Pssst.... Ops have my heart, but I still have a soft spot for marketing management. I'd love to partner with you and your marketing team to develop a new offer or freebie, position it in your value ladder, and get it out into the world.

Launch Planning + Management

Launch time is busy and can put a lot of stress on an already busy team. Between your vision, your marketing team's strategy, and my experience managing 6 figure launches, we can orchestrate the smoothest, most enjoyable launch yet!

Team Management + Development

I'm here to support you and your team through role assessments, off-boarding and hiring, and teaching communication and project management strategies.

Project Management System Set Up

Have the vision, the strategy, and the team to implement, but still assigning tasks in Slack? I can show you how to increase productivity and reduce mistakes through Asana or ClickUp.

Book A Call Now

How do we start?

Interested in working together? Let’s hop on a quick call to talk more about your needs.

Retainer services start at $1,500 a month.
Project based quotes also available.

The process:
  1. Schedule a discovery call to chat about your needs
  2. If we are the right match I’ll deliver a custom quote and contract
  3. We will schedule a kick-off call and onboarding needs

I'd love to help


I help visionaries identify their struggles and breakthrough to the “next level” of their business. For the past 6 years I’ve helped clients gain clarity in their offers, streamline their systems, build out teams, and increase revenue.

Want to know how?

I help clients get clear on their purpose, identify needs, and create an actionable plan.

It really is that simple (or maybe that’s my Enneagram 9 talking…).

There’s not a one-size-fits-all plan for growing your business. No secret launch strategy. No magical CRM.

What most business owners need is a strategic plan to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be.


alexis grubb hiring

let's make it official

I work with quickstart CEOs
who are:

  • Looking for a strategic partner to manage their vision.
  • Willing to address their blind spots and grow.
  • Ready to take action and Get. Things. Done.